Fast Track Express & Cargo Service, established in New York , the United States in 2009,has been the leader in focusing on providing international door to door courier services through its own gateways and hubs in major cities such as New York, London, Lahore, Mumbai, Shanghai.

Direct logistic channels linking Asia Europe and China, the US as well as its extensive network enable us to offer fast, safe, reliable and economical express delivery services between Pakistan and the United States under the respected FTE brand.

Fast Track Express provides customers and businesses in Asia, Europe and the US with professional and personal express logistic solutions, and offers various integrated business applications through sophisticated technology, highly trained employees as well as collectively competing agents.

Consistently ranked among the most admired and trusted courier service provider in Asia,

Fast Track Express has spared no efforts on conducting business to the highest ethic and professional standards, and will continue to make further contribution in Asia business development.

We always commit ourselves to improving our services to meet distinct customer needs!