International Services
Fast Track makes international shipping convenient with a variety of services and options to suit your needs.

At Fast Track we know how difficult it can be to get high-speed parcel delivery for a cut-rate price, but if you come to us for your worldwide delivery needs you can get exactly what you have been looking for. We can offer the delivery services of some of the world's best courier companies, many of which are able to deliver to worldwide destinations. Our worldwide courier services include FedEx, TNT and UPS

Each of our services includes an international tracking service, which offers additional piece of mind as your items are delivered overseas.

When sending parcels overseas you will be able to request an international courier quote through Fast Track to find the best courier for your budget, as well as for your other delivery needs such as speed of shipping and customer satisfaction. You can get exceptional prices when booking your delivery through us as well, so you really needn't overspend on your delivery. Don't forget that you can use our Quick Quote feature to rapidly find the best international parcel delivery options for your needs.

Logistics Services
Fast Track offer a complete range of logistics and outsourcing solutions to meet your warehousing and distribution challenges.

FTE Same Day Service
When you're racing against time, choose FTE Same Day, the fastest delivery service available in today's air express industry.

FTE SmartMail
A fast cost-effective way to send mail nationwide – with FTE SmartMail, there’s no need to run to the post office.