Fast Track Express & Cargo Service, established in New York , the United States in 2009,has been the leader in focusing on providing international door to door courier services through its own gateways and hubs in major cities such as New York , Mumbai, New Delhi, Gujarat, Shanghai.

Direct logistic channels linking India and China, the US as well as its extensive network enable us to offer fast, safe, reliable and economical express delivery services between India and the United States under the respected FTE brand. Fast Track Express provides customers and businesses in INDIA and the USA with professional

Let the world have access to the Fast track services.

  •  Air Cargo Clearance Service
  •  Package Express Service
  •  Service for global Freight
  •  Service for global logistics
  •  Sea Cargo Clearance Service
  •  Technology Solution for business
  •  Movers & Packers Cargo Clearance          Service
  •  Express Consignments Clearance            Service

Specialized in combination of international resources with regional expertise, Fast Track Express & Cargo Service designs and provides unique quality direct line express service with life commitment and complete satisfaction for its customers.

We are strategised around one principle goal: passion for Specialized Expertise, Leadership & Innovation, Seizing Global Opportunities, Embracing Change and further to all our efforts, our guiding principles shall be towards GOING GREEN!

Fast Track Express provides the fastest door-to-door delivery for importing and exporting services of shipments. In our efforts to stay in touch with the changing needs of our customers, we provide highly personalized levels of customer service.